In order to provide students with the tools necessary to model successful philanthropists, we have developed a step-by-step approach that relies on school support, teacher leadership, and student commitment. 





Take ownership.

This sequence of opportunities ensures that students have a successful and fulfilling year. They will learn how to evaluate the needs of their community, advocate for a cause, research important issues, and create lifelong giving habits. It will be up to them to take ownership of their funds, and to distribute them to the organization that they choose.

Educational Benefits to Students:

  • Collaboration Among Peers

  • Leadership

  • Building Research Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Develop Writing Skills

  • Professional Communication Skills

  • Problem-Based Learning

  • Financial Literacy

  • Service Learning

  • Develop Diverse Friendships

  • Therapeutic benefits of serving others

It was an amazing opportunity. I wish everybody could have that opportunity.”
— Nate Steffin, Moeller High School